“Smiles, Tears and Love….it’s Nichola’s Wedding Planning Diary So Far”

This week, the lovely Nichola is sharing the highs and lows of her wedding planning with us all.

Nichola met partner Dave in a Liverpool nightclub in March 2010 and he proposed 3 years later!

Be ready for smiles, tears and love as you read her story of wedding planning so far….

Nichola, please tell us how Dave proposed?

It was after we went out for a meal (to nandos) and got home! I went to get ready for bed came back down to him on one knee proposing!

Aww, we bet that was unexpected, how did you react?

I cried then muttered of course I will and then he put the ring on my finger

So, how did you decide on your venue?

We live across the road from a lovely church which in the summer season I have watched numerous wedding parties arrive, marry and I love the atmosphere so this was an obvious choice! Our reception, well I chose a different one at first but soon realised it was out of our price range, so I looked into local sports clubs and how to decorate them. Our church is St Marks in Haydock and our reception is Blackbrook Rugby club, both are located close together easily accessible for both families.

Sounds lovely, we love a creative bride too and we know you have some of our gorgeous treasures to make it extra special! Can you share a bit about the wedding date with our fellow brides?

Of course, it’s the 21st May 2016. I initially wanted a winter wonderland wedding but when I realised 21st may fell on a Saturday because of the leap year it all fell into place.

I sadly lost my dad when I was just 18 through a sad 3 week period of illness, his Birthday is the 21st May and in 2016 he would of been 65, so as he isn’t able to walk me down the aisle me and Dave thought it would be lovely to share our wedding anniversary every year on his birthday not to mourn his loss but to have a double celebration.

That’s so beautiful. What a special day that will always be.


Have you chosen your colour scheme or theme yet?

Well I’ve had 3 colour schemes from royal blue to coral and finally to lilac. My initial theme would have been winter wonderland but I’ve settled on rustic chic with a country theme. I consider myself quite arty so I’ve already made some decorations and I’ve already made all my bouquets/button holes.

That’s fab! We love an arty bride!

Have you chosen your dress yet? Shhh though! Don’t tell us too much though!

Yes I knew from when I first saw it in a magazine it would be ‘the one’ so I found a stockists tried it on and knew – haha that’s all I’m saying

Have you chosen any music yet?

We haven’t really sat down and spoke about music yet but I have a list of songs so I think we’ll have an evening soon and listen to them all and see if we can find anymore we like!

How about the food?

Tea party food for our 57 day guests, each table will have a selection of sandwich triangles, quiche, pies, sausage rolls and cakes/ tarts

Evening guests will have a selection of hot pot and chilli. I’m also doing a dessert table of gateaux, cheesecake and a sweetie table!

What’s been the hardest bit about wedding planning?

I’ve loved it all except falling out with 3 long term friends over bridesmaids, they just didn’t show interest and let me down over pretty much everything including a hen weekend which was booked. My MOH said she couldn’t go and it all got worse from there, so I recently came to the decision I didn’t need people like that in my life as my priorities and beliefs in life have definitely changed. I guess we’ve drifted apart. So now I have 2 lovely bridesmaids that help me out all the time, we have a weekend away to York planned for October this year too.

Biggest Challenge?

I think this has to be the guest list as I have a huge family and Dave has a huge group of friends ,we had a few petty arguments at first but now it’s all fine and sorted

What’s your best tip for brides and grooms?

Brides- don’t settle with a quote until you’ve gathered a few and don’t book anything until you meet up with the person you’re booking with

Grooms- try to get involved and give your opinion we do actually want to hear it and even if we don’t like it we may open our minds and see other options

What about money saving ideas?

Learn how to make things! I made all my bouquets and button holes for £35 and believe me they are beautiful! I got a quote from a florist and knew it wouldn’t be possible, plus I can keep my bouquet forever!

What suppliers would you recommend to other brides?

I’d definitely recommend my photographers Craig and Victoria from memories by Victoria Holden of Penketh. I first met Victoria at a wedding fayre in Oct 14 and I looked through her website, facebook etc. We then met in early Feb 15, Craig showered us with lots of his and his wife’s work, we felt so special and talked through some unique pictures we would like!

Other Helpful Hints


Amazon has become my best friend and I would recommend it to everyone I’ve got so much off there already


Thanks Nichola! We have loved hearing about your plans so far! We can’t wait for your wedding next year! Keep us posted on your progress!

Twirly Ps xxx

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